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With this tool you can cryptography some small messages using the power of Construct 2. :)Type your message using the characters: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWYZ_!?,.choose the integer values for a and b(below there are some examples of a and b to use)and hit the OK button.The cryptography uses a function of the form f(x)=ax+b and works in congruences with integers module 31. It is a substitution cipher.Here are some examples of values of a and b to use* Cipher with a=4,b=5 (decipher with a=8, b=22)* Cipher with a=23,b=7 (decipher with a=27, b=28)* Cipher with a=12,b=1 (decipher with a=13, b=18)* Cipher with a=8,b=22 (decipher with a=4, b=5)* Cipher with a=27,b=28 (decipher with a=23, b=7)* Cipher with a=13,b=18 (decipher with a=12, b=1)Try to decipher the message: QIGGOPZOWG_? (it was ciphered with a=13 and b=18)If you like it, soon I will publish the code. ;)


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