Cyber Dog Escape

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Cyber Dog Escape

The year is 2208 C.E. The Earth became cold with most places too harsh to inhabit. Mountains formed into eroded into treacherous peaks caused by gusty winds. Although dangerous, humans found refuge within these structures by excavating circular habitable zones; establishing maze-like cities. These places are protected from the harsh winds and chilling cold……but they are nothing more than a desert wasteland surrounded by ice, barren and dry. Organization took over what was left of the human race, monitoring the citizens under strict control. Dogs are prohibited and are used for something more “useful.” They are not allowed to be domesticated family friends, but instead, sent to the Organization for training. These dogs are used to keep order within the cities, and will use force without hesitation. Becoming corrupt and savage because of the Organization, the citizens began to fear these animals as the years passed.


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