Fidget Spinner Hill Climb

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Fidget Spinner Hill Climb

Drive a spinner, outrun falling objects, drive over cliffs, use jetpack to fly, cannon gun to shoot and more. Watch out for special bonus power up like jetpack booster that allows you to fly over obstacles. Also, collect special rewards like cannon gun ammo that will enable you to shoot at enemy objects. This game has many adventures that will thrill you. Start with a race on asphalt road. Then join the exciting ride in the the perilous mountain road filled with dangerous blocks and enemy spinners. Go on an exciting adventure, facing challenges from flying spinners, tower blocks, falling bricks and more. FEATURES* Realistic spinner physics* Road survival and flying adventures* Multiple environments with different controls - hill race, fly like a bird, shoot like a jetfighter* Bonus power up: Jetpack booster rocket gives power of flight* Special surprise power up: Cannon gun ammos! SOURCE CODE Coming soon. Bookmark this game!


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