Fidget Spinner Monster

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Fidget Spinner Monster

Spin the fidget hand spinner and balance on the wooden plank for the desired amount of time to complete each level. Gogo and Gigi, the green and red blob monsters are waiting at the bottom for the spinner to drop. Gigi will move around and spit at the plank to try to unbalance it and make the spinner fall. Gogo will open its mouth awaiting eagerly to eat it! Experience the realistic movement, physics and gravity. Enjoy the fidget spinner while having a good laugh at the funny antics of Gogo and Gigi. Also trains your coordination and grasp of gravity and momentum. See how many levels you can go.FEATURES*** 40 fun levels*** Realistic physics.*** Mimics a real fidget hand spinner*** Easy to play*** Cute and funny charactersCONTROLSTap on the right area of screen (or Keyboard right arrow) to spin clockwise and go rightTap on the left area of screen (or Keyboard left arrow) to spin counter-clockwise and go leftPlay Fidget Spinner Monster today!


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