Lester the Cat

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Lester the Cat

*Instructions* Right and left keyboard arrows to move left and right. Up to jump, down to crouch. You can crouch while walking to avoid wasps for example. Letter X on the keyboard to attack enemies and interact with levers. The hearts at the top of the left corner shows you how many lives you have out of 9. When you get injured, you loose a life. If you loose all, you die and have to restart the level. The timer is only there for bonus points, you won't loose if you don't make it within the time. The better time you have, the better your score is. You collect fish treats and yarn balls which are your points. The more the better.*About The Game*This is a fun, short, 3 level platformer game featuring the cat Lester, who one day was out in his favorite forest, when he discovered, things weren't as always. Someone calling himself Lizardo has taken over the forest and forcing its inhabitants to either side with him, or loose.


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