Trio Maze Escape

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Trio Maze Escape

GAMEPLAYThree little Gogos are trapped in a maze filled with perilous objects. Help them to navigate the dangers and reach the Exit safely. Watch out for moving saws and bombs. Collect the red and blue keys to unlock the Locks. And use the rocks to destroy bombs and block the saws. Enjoy the thrill and excitement of the moving saws and bombs and also the intellectual challenge to solve the puzzle of how to escape the maze. Is your IQ high enough to solve all 30 levels?FEATURES30 exciting levelsThink in 3's when movingDon't leave any Gogo's behind CONTROLS On the left of the screen is a virtual joystick (You can also use keyboard instead)Up Arrow - go up ( or Keyboard Up Arrow )Down Arrow - go down (or Keyboard Down Arrow )Right Arrow - go right (or Keyboard Right Arrow )Left Arrow - go left (or Keyboard Left Arrow ) Play Trio Maze Escape today!


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